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About Us

The goal of Belchertown Day School is to provide a happy homelike environment in an educational setting which develops the whole child through social awareness, in preparation for continued learning. We take pride in serving children whose families need a high quality child care program while they are at work. We welcome families of all backgrounds and ethnicities. We believe that true diversity is an asset to all who participate in our programs.

We further believe that adherence to principles of child development is crucial to the growth of each young child. Working collaboratively with parents, our teachers and staff create nurturing educational programs that allow children to learn through exploration and discovery, through interaction with a great variety of experiences.

We adhere to the principles of early childhood education as described by the Developmentally Appropriate Practices of the Nationally Association of the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Belchertown Day School's mission is to provide a safe, motivating and nurturing learning environment for all children. We are committed to support children's development, respect individual differences, help children to learn to live and learn to work cooperatively, and to promote health, self-awareness, competence, self-worth, and resiliency.

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